Building brands

  • Education before selling
  • The Long Term Game is King

The Relationship Marketing Experience

Map out the culture, brand identity and voice, teach you how to communicate and display that to your customers & potential customers, create a humanistic bond to those that follow your brand and your brand will become powerful enough for your clients to feel like they are a part of your story!
  • Initial brand outline and voice creation meeting with your entire team.
  • Content calendar created and personalized for your specific brand and coaches based on your personalities and facility culture.
  • Content posting available upon request.
  • Monthly meetings to review reports of your marketing efforts and to create new strategies or pivot shift if necessary.
  • Dashboard to see what content is scheduled to go out and to monitor key metrics for your business so you’re always in the know.
  • Community workshop outline to get you in front of prospects in your community and to engage and build trust with potential prospect and community leaders.
  • We partner with you to become your marketing department and hold you and your team accountable to take your business to the next level.
  • Our Relationship Marketing Experience is a one of a kind and incredibly unique system.


(1hr) Initial call with primary contact.

  • Info about the company. History, product, vision, resources, etc.
  • Homework assigned for what else we need to maximize the success in the next call.
1 (hr) Call with team (what we do now)

  • You leave the call with homework assigned to build up on what we need!
(1hr) Strategy meeting

  • OOTCM team meeting
(1hr) Review meeting with Primary

  • Talk through everything we initially went over and built and get feedback to make adjustments as needed.
(30 min) Adjustments

  • OOTCMedia final adjustments
(1hr) Final Game Plan Presentation to team

  • Assign tasks and requirements to ensure ongoing success
(Optional) Posting of company content.

(Ongoing Optional) 1 hr monthly meetings with team to discuss company objectives, content, what’s working and what’s not working based on specific data and information from client profiles.

Social Media

The client is no longer searching for you. You need to find them.


What your customer are saying about you and your competition is incredibly important.

Client and Lead Nurturing

Strategically Interacting long term with prospects and current clients along their entire lifecycle is key.


Understanding and analyzing data helps you develop an understanding of how successful your marketing is.


Your culture is the identity of your brand and the key piece that differentiates you from your competitors.

No idea where to
We totally understand and not many people actually understand what makes good system. With so many conflicting viewpoints, we are here to help!
Marketing Audit
Our Team
Chandler Walker

Chandler Walker

Chandler is one of our certified relationship marketing experts and a sales ninja!

Dave Picardy

Dave Picardy

Dave is one of our relationship marketing champions and a certified sales expert

Tara Picardy

Tara Picardy

One of our little ninjalinas who is a certified email marketing expert

Steph Bentley

Steph Bentley

Our second little Ninjalina who is a certified email marketing expert