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What’s up everybody. Welcome to The Almost Daily Show, this is Episode 20 of the audio and video show and Ep 001 of the written version. I’ve got myself Chandler and The Dave Picardy.

We’ve been doing this for 20 whole episodes.

I wonder what people think about us?

All I know is that I get fan mail, so I know they like us.

So do I. I think they see us and they think “Man, those devilishly handsome dudes, I’d like to have them come speak at my event.”

That’s right.

We are so deliciously handsome, people will want to feed us crackers in a hammock and fan us with banana leaves.

That’s amazing. I think we should get out of marketing and open up something around that. That’s quite the idea you have.

We should. “The Banana Leaf Cabana Boy Co.”

So today, we wanted to talk about the idea of Brand Centric vs Customer Centric Marketing and the fact that we are shifting as an economy from the Brand Centric environment and into the Customer Centric environment.

Yes, this is something where the social media explosion has shifted people’s approach to brands. Something that happened with the way it used to be is people would come to you, and you would tell them what your brand is all about. They would listen. You would have a conversation. They would make a decision about buying.

Now because of social media, nobody goes to you anymore. They all have their own followings. Their own audience. Their own networks online. So you need to now go to them and you need to interact with them in their own social world. They will make decisions on do they trust you? Are they communicating with you? They are in charge. You’re not in charge anymore in that environment. That’s their environment.

Yes. Exactly. When we look at the shift that has happened, it used to be the brand centric economy and the brand centric world, where it was a one-way kind of speaking event. Where the brand spoke to you. You didn’t get a chance to speak back.The brand didn’t necessarily care about what you had to say, and that was it.

But where we are at today and with the advent of social media and the idea that customers want to be involved, we’ve shifted into a customer centric economy. What that means is it is no longer important what the brand says. What’s important is what the customer perceives what the brand says.

So the brand needs to always be working to create a better experience and a better environment and better just overall cataclysmic experience that goes to the consumer and shows them how great the brand is. What the brand is doing, and how funny it is, and how motivational it is, and how educational it is.

Then the consumer starts to perceive the brand in the way that the brand has been putting marketing out to the consumer.

Now it’s a two-way street. What are we saying to them? What are they saying back? How do we react and respond to the feedback?

Yes, and ultimately it’s about building a relationship and having them actually connect to the brand. Chandler and I do a lot of work with professional but relationship type businesses where there is a lot of human interaction and not just selling widgets.

If that customer doesn’t feel like they are connected to you, that they can just talk to you. They are probably not going to buy from you. They want to buy from people they feel are their friends or that have their best interest in mind that they can trust.

Exactly. Customers are tired of being outsourced to call centers and then they have to wait three hours to talk to a person. Or they are tired of being sent somewhere where there is no care about what they are saying or what they are thinking and they are tired of being frustrated by companies who don’t care.

Because of that, the customers start speaking about it. Then the brands who listen and the brands who understand that they need to pivot shift and start engaging with them directly, and start listening to feedback, and providing a better overall experience, are the brands that are going to win.

When you look at this a lot of the brand centric economy idea was built around cost savings. So if I can save 57 cents per call, the brand is in a better position. But what that resulted in was a lot of angry customers and customers who weren’t getting a good experience.

Now with customer centric marketing in business what we are focusing on is yes, it cost me an extra dollar or two up front per customer, but the savings long term in terms of retention and the customer coming back for more is going to save me billions over the course of ten to twenty years when you look at the way big brands operate and thousand for the smaller brands.

One of the things that are kind of our little niche in the marketing world is you have to sit down and interview your team, all of your employees. You are trying to have your clients and potential clients feel connected to you. If you have a warehouse in shipping, up front offices and sales people, you want to open it up to the customers.

You want them to see what goes on in your business and to actually see what the employees are like.

Are they funny? What kind of personalities do they have? You are trying to have them connect to the people in your business not just the product of your business.

That is a good point. When you look at the most important people in your organization, your number one and most important people to talk to, and to make sure they are having a good experience are your employees. Your employees are going to showcase to the customer exactly what they think and feel about your business.

If the employees are pumped and in a good position and happy and you are taking care of them, they are going to showcase that to the customer. But if employees are mad, and angry, and upset they are going to showcase that to the customer. Then you are going to get the customer who walks in and has a bad experience because that employee was terrible and walks out and never comes back.

Or you have the customer who walks in and it is always a really cool unique experience where the employees are pumped. They are showcasing their personalities. The business gives them enough leeway to do that. Then they keep coming back for more because they have had that personalized customer centric experience with a real person.

People want to interact with real people who are happy and who want to give them a good experience.

That’s right. Part of that is about your online brand persona. What is the real human side of the brand? That is what they are going to connect with. Then it goes as far as internal team culture. What are you actually doing inside of your business with your team to have them feel that they are part of that culture?

Something that is special that not only do they believe in but then your clients and customers also believe in.

Exactly. I just did a video on this. Talking to your team and saying “hey this is what we are doing. This is why we are doing it. And this is the big picture behind what we are doing.” A lot of management styles say do this because I said so.

That sets the team up to be angry about it and not wanting to be part of it because they don’t understand the big picture. But when the management comes in and says this is what we are doing, this is why we are doing it and this is the big picture surrounding everything and then they have enough understanding of the employees to see it through their eyes.

Then you’re going to develop a good team who wants to follow you and who will do anything to help you out to build and grow the brand and the business because they care and they understand the big picture. You have taken care of them enough to the point to where they really feel empathetic towards what you are doing and towards the customers and they want everyone to have a good experience.

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