Client and Lead Nurturing

OOTC Media understands the challenges of scaling up. What was once manageable is now getting overwhelming. Systems for employee training, automations, client relationships, marketing, inbound funnels, etc, can be challenging. The key to your success is managing all your relationships consistently for the long term.

Nurturing your current client relationships for long term retention is the first step in an effective growth phase. As you scale up the details get harder and harder to manage. Simple things like birthdays and anniversaries can get overlooked. These small things really matter to your clients. Having intelligent campaigns that automate appointments, service upgrades and keep clients informed is a must.

Now that you have your existing business relationships set up for success let’s talk about nurturing new business.

You are working hard to produce a slick website, write great content, picture, videos and market it on social media to attract new interest in your services. Let us help you nurture that interest into new business.

It is not as simple as send them a series of follow up emails. How they interact or do not interact should determine what you send them next.

We can capture people’s information and work to develop a relationship long term in several different pathways based on the decisions of the client and the specific ways your sales pipeline functions!